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Need Help in California--Proof Read of Discovery Requests, Responses, and Admissions to UNIFUND Due 12-20-13

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UNIFUND filed a suit in Jan 2013 against me.   They sent their Discovery Nov 20, 2013.  I have a few days left to send off my responses.



Status IS:


1. BOP sent (11-4-13) They ignored all requests but sent 4 statements.   ( What is the recourse?  Does Judge really even care?)


3. Plaintiff's RFD asked me for exactly what I asked from them in the BOP. 



4. Plaintiff's RFA's   I have seen no proof they have anything tying me to this account, but don't want to deny everything if they somehow do.  Should I be more ambiguous with denials?  

Their lawyers have shown me zip other than a few statements.  I am fighting blind.  I have left many messages to discuss the case. I also disputed via Lexington Law all my credit card accounts in 2009-2010 and have sent off a request to Lexington Law to see they can give me proof that the credit card I am being sued for was something I disputed right when it first went into default.

What I want is to know how to word things so it's not a lie if other evidence comes out AND to make them participate in Discovery! 

Thanks in advance.
P.s.  I'll get UNIFUND's RFA and RFD scanned in to see those as well, but they pretty much say admit this is our account, that I opened an account, went into default etc.

Answer to Disvcovery-sample.doc

Bill of Particulars-sample.docx

Answer to Unifund-Sample.docx


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I could only open 2 of the docs, I think it is this ipad. At any rate, I can tell you worked really hard on these, but in my opinion you went into way to much detail, and you don't need to explain anything to them.

Take a look at homelessinca's thread, find how he answered his, I think you should follow more along those lines.

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I looked at the RFAs.  What do the 4 statements you received in response to your BOP show?  Do they show any charges at all?  Or just the final balance.  If they just show the final balance, look at 1111girl's thread for an objection and response.  If they do show charges, and you still have a good faith basis to deny the RFA, just say "Denied", without explanation.

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