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Bank Garnishment in Florida


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My bank account was garnished due to a judgment against me. After the money was taken from my account, I was sent a "Notice to Defendant of Right Against Garnishment of Wages, Money, and Other Property". I did file a Claim of Exemption in order to keep my money, and filed it with the county clerk.


 On Dec. 17 I received a letter from the county clerk titled "Notice of Dissolution of Writ". It stated "The above named Plaintiff, having failed to file a sworn, written statement that contests the defendant's claim of exemption in accordance with Section 77.041, Florida Statutes, is hereby notified that the Continuing Writ of Garnishment issued on Oct. 22, 2013 is hereby dissolved.


A few days later I receive from the Plaintiff a "Notice to Defendants and Interested Persons and Certificate of Service in Compliance with F.S. 77.055.


It includes a copy of the writ of garnishment and the garnishee's answer. It states I must move to dissolve the writ of garnishment within 20 days after the date indicated on the certificate of service in the notice, or be defaulted.


It goes on to state that I may have exemptions from this garnishment which must be asserted as a defense.


My question is, what do I need to do in  reference to this letter?  Any help will be more than appreciated.  Thank you for any help. 


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