How long before sending new letters after deletions?

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Hi guys! so...great news! I got 4 negative items deleted from my transunion credit report!! I'm so excited! I sent a letter to Experian as well with 3 items listed as "not mine" but they responded asking for my SSN, date of birth, utility bill, and address for the last 2 years. Aggravating! So i will have to resend all that information and try again. I haven't started with letters to equifax yet. Tried to get a free report from them but they won't send it. Tried twice. So I guess I will have to pay for it because I've already used up my free annual report. now I'm wondering... just want to make sure I'm not doing too much... Is there a time period that I need to wait until I send Transunion some more disputes for other negative items? Or can I go ahead and send another dispute letter now? The last one I sent had 4 negative items on it. So, I think I'll be safe and stick with 4 or 5 disputes on one letter so they don't say I'm sending "frivolous disputes" or whatever. Thanks!

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