Is it legal what Verizon Wireless is doing?

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Hi guys! So I am in the process of fixing my credit and sending dispute letters. My question is...


in 2008 I had some accounts with Verizon Wireless. Three of them. One of them was opened in 2007. The balance owed is $79. It was closed in 2009. But it says date updated is 09/30/2013. Is this legal? Because I don't know what's causing it to be updated. I have not contacted Verizon about this account at all. 


The other 2 say the same thing. They were opened in 2009 and 2008. Closed 2010. Updated 09/30/2013. So I'm wondering if I can even dispute this because it was updated so recently and why was it updated? Because disputing it as not mine would be hard to do since Verizon still has the account which is surprising. 

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FAIK Verizon Wireless doesn't sue or arbitrate for debt collection. They also don't seem to sell their allegedly defaulted accounts. Derogatory credit postings to CRAs and causing annoying/FDCPA violating CAs to harass consumers appear to be their main "collection tools".


If all they are doing is updating the "Updated" date field on a credit report I am not sure that would cause any additional harm to one's credit score. Credit wizards here would likely know that answer.


If their behavior was not legal and they refused to stop when requested by a consumer, the options available are small claims or arbitration. Both forums appear to be geared to afford minimal due process for the consumer.


I doubt that Verizon Wireless will be very helpful in fixing one's credit score but it should not hurt to try, assuming there is a desire to do so and funds permitting.


I would want to be sure to get any settlement agreement in writing prior to any payments being sent.

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@NiaW - updating means that Verizon just updated the info on this tradeline.  I would still dispute all three as "not mine" and then if that doesn't work in getting them off, send off another dispute letter with a different reason on it.  There is a list of them in this article -

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