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Need to Send A Subpoena Duces Tecum To All 3 CRA's

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I am in the Plaintiff in a Deceptive Trade Practices Act suit in Texas County Court at Law. Its not my first rodeo in court but it is for needing to get some records from the CRA's. The subpoena calls for it to be served on an individual. In my case that is the "official record keeper" for Experian, Equifax/CSC, and Transunion. I am not sure if I need the name of a specific individual or whether "official record keeper' will suffice. I also would like to know if serving the subpoena on their Registered Agent will suffice. I have the name and address of that person. Hopefully someone might know the correct CRA employee name and location I might need for documents.


I have already served the Defendant, their Answer is due next week, and I have also served them with Admissions, Disclosure, and a 1st Production. Withholding Rogs pending some info I hope to develop thru Discovery.


Realistically, looking to settle on my terms which do not require $ and feel I can weather a MSJ and push forward.

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