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disputing items on your credit report over again


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I read that if you had disputed an item on your credit report, that you cannot dispute it again.  Is this true?


I had a situation where I had to default on a loan about 8 years ago, but it still appears on my credit.  The problem is that in 2009, when I pulled up my credit, I had entered a comment on this derogatory account as, "delinquency due to divorce proceedings."     I guess I incriminated myself, but that's besides the point.


The CRA came back with a small comment underneath mine that reads, "Item disputed by consumer. Meets requirements of the fair credit reporting act."  


For the record, I did not dispute it but only added a comment!   Why my comment shows up as a "dispute" is beyond me.


The problem is that now, almost 2014, the whole thing should be deleted from my credit report.   Is it possible for me to dispute it for a second time on different grounds - mainly on SOL? 


Other info:  I used the online template straight from the credit reporting agency.   :waah:

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