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Being Sued by Asset Acceptance

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Hey everyone, I'm new to this place and was just wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to offer me some advice.

I owe on a credit card. Pretty much I missed one payment in 2009 and they raised my interest from 7% to 28%. I had to eventually stop paying that. A couple of months ago a company called Asset Acceptance sued me for that credit card. I guess they bought my debt or something from Citi Card. I've met with an attorney (government help etc) since I can't afford one. They helped me to write a response to them and the court I'm being sued in and advice me to reach a settlement. They were first suing me for $9,260 and are now suing for over $10,000. After speaking to their attorneys several times (as advised by the attorney I met with) I was told they can settle for $5200 but all I have is $4000. People are telling me 4000 is even too high and they are refusing to accept that. I'm afraid if I lose against them in court I can have my wages garnished (part time job at Macys). I guess I can't decide between settlement or deciding on going to court. I'm super stressed out. My deadline on a settlement is growing near and my court case in already on January 9 in Florida.

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