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Rent to own barn

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In Juy 2009 I got one of those rent to own buildings,,,,I had a big post about the repo man over this. I have roof this is paid off. The owner of the company has had no contact with me since Dec 2012, For the last six months I have been receiving bills from his accounting firm that he uses. I have the pay off letter and it matches the amount they claim i owe.

I am tired of the bills, and I am sure that if a complete accounting was made of this account it would show I paid to much. I cannot believe that after a law suit in my favor, he would wait 8 months and then start sending me bills again.


But the law suit did not include the amount owed it was just over an illegal repo. So maybe a new case is in order. He claims I still owe 386 dollars, his last letter sent to me says the bill would be considered paid in full, if I send him another 186 dollars. I have the bill from 12/12/12 that says the same thing, but in Dec 2012 I paid the 186 and the letter says he would remover any late charges and apply my deposit to the bill and consider it paid in full.

I paid the 186. Even though I am sure his accounting is not correct, the 386 dollars he says I owe is for late charges only. He has been adding late charges on this bill for almost the entire life of the contract. This was set up for auto pay every month, they billed my bank one month behind for two years. It is not my fault they did not bill my bank on time.



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I would send the accounting firm a letter.  Include copies of the following:


--his letter saying that your account will be paid in full if you pay $186

--the bill from him saying the same thing

--proof of your paying him the $186

--a copy of every letter you've gotten in the last six months, in fact harassing you for money you do not owe


Then I would explain to them that you will no longer tolerate being harassed for money that even this man by his own written word agrees that you do not owe him.  Since you cannot seem to get through to him personally, maybe someone at the accounting firm will care in the interest of proper business.  This also might provide you with a second target in the event that you need to escalate things further.  Correct me if I am wrong, but if you make them aware that a wrong is being committed against you and then they continue to be a part of it, doesnt that put them on the hook for harassing you as well?  This guy might not care, but I bet that his accounting firm does not want to be the subject of a harassment lawsuit. 


If that does not stop the letters, then I would pursue the matter with another suit.  Has he made any threats of action in his letters? 

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