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Interesting letter from Chase - California

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Today I received a very interesting letter from Chase regarding an old alleged account. It states:

"During a review, we found valid fees and/or transactions that we're not reflected on a monthly billing statement because they posted to the account after the final monthly billing statement was issued in the month it was charged off. Since Chase no longer owns your account, a credit in the amount of $XX.XX has been forwarded to the buyer that purchased the credit card account from us."

What the !!!!?

First, my credit report shows the last payment for this alleged account was made in February, 2009. Why are they reviewing an account they admittedly do not own let alone one that is well beyond the SOL? Wouldn't a "valid fee" mean the person who purchased the alleged account owe Chase more money? I'm totally lost here and would love some insight as the only thing I could think of was that this is in regards to their recent class action.

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