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First off thanks for reading my post. Like many of us have experienced 2008 was a HORRIBLE year. Lost my decent paying job down to nothing for a while then making half of what I was before. Did what many people did and that was max out my credit cards, tried to keep up with the minimums for a little while then couldnt afford that. Went into collections and then I stuck my head in the sand, I pulled my head out once with debt consolidation for a few months in 2009 and couldn't afford that either. I have had my head in the sand ever since because none of the collection agencies were willing to accept what I could afford to pay them. 


I pulled my credit report since I got declined from a job almost immediately after my background interview. Then I found this web site. I noticed on my report that all of my credit card debt lists "charge off" and appears under something else with a collection agency. I am assuming that means it was sold to a junk debt buyer. 


An example of what is on my report.


Original Creditor: Capital One

Payment Status: Charge Off

Account Type: Credit Card

Credit Limit: 500.00

Date Open:6/1/2008

Last update: 8/1/2009


New Creditor: Portfolio Recovery & Affiliates

Payment Status: seriously past due date/ assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantors internal collection department

Account type: collection account

Balance $1284

Date open: 02/01/2013

Last Update: 05/01/2013


So I know the statute of limitations on revolving debt in Idaho is 4 years. I believe this one can easily be fought since I quit paying on that prior to 8/1/2009. One of my main questions is can I still do the validation process after the 30 day period as stated in the law? I have a few other things on my report that are just as similar to this example. any advice would be great!


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about the only thing you can do is dispute it with the CRA's as not mine, and hopefully it will come back as not verified.  if it does come back as verified, then read into the credit fourm on other methods of disputing.  Send the dispute certified mail return reciept requested.

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