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JDB response. Help with how to proceed plz!

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JDB response to my DV letter with statement copies from what looks like are from the OC (HSBC). Thing is, the amount on the statement copies they mailed dont match the amount the JDB is trying to collect. Is this allowed? isnt there suppose to be an explanation if they added fee's or a copy of card agreement that says they are even allowed to? TIA for helping.


Orginal charge off debt amount:$869.

JDB balance since purchase in 2010: $1418. and trending



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I guarantee they've tacked interest on. Sending you statements is more than they're required to do when you DV. It looks like they're tacking on a 22% interest rate give or take. That may or may not be correct but good luck getting a card agreement out of them right now. They don't have to supply you with that information.


Edit: Also if the agreement is generic, it won't have interest rates on it. Like the ones on here: http://www.cardmemberagreements.org/

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