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Is this response enough for a 623 Investigation?

Sister Outsider

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I disputed a TL with the big 3, all came back verified.


I sent OC Springleaf (formerly American General Financial) a 623 requesting an investigation.


They sent back a letter saying:


Dear Sister Outsider, 


Thank you for your recent correspondence.  You requested a complete pay and activity on your account.  Please see the enclosures for the requested documentation.  As you did not include what specific information you were seeing on your report, I trust that this will answer your concerns.  


Please be advised that your account has been sold to Resurgent Capital Services.  You may contact them at the following address and phone number for any further inquires.




Customer Communications Coordinator




The statement they sent me made no sense.  It listed "debits" and "broken promises."  There was no balance or original charges.  The date of the statement didn't match the date this account opened.


I have no idea what to do next.  I've searched the forums and have not been able to find much (I'm sure it is there, I just can't find it.)

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@lionhunter Thanks for your speedy response :)


They had two accounts listed, I disputed both as "Not mine", one was removed.


In my letter, I asked them to investigate the accuracy of the entire tradeline and provide me with "a complete timeline of payment activity and dates for this account from its inception to date, and proof of the validity of information you have erroneously provided to Experian, Equifax, and Transunion regarding this account."


The account was allegedly open 1/2008 and the printout they sent me starts 11/2008 and has no charges or original balance.  


I called the OC today and asked what documentation they have of the account.  They said it is all "in storage", so I have to send another letter to request more specific validation.  They did say the account was for a furniture purchase financed by American General before the company was sold to Springleaf.


This is my first 623's and I've read all of the links below.

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