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Hello Every 1.


first of all i would like to thank each and every1 of you who has made a post in this forum. This wealth of information and experience is not only helpful but also comforting.So bless you all


Coming to my story, let me give a background on my situation


Had perfect credit few years ago, then life took few unforeseen turns and 2008-09 was rabbit hole i tumbled n tumbled. Had almost every card that went deliquent in that period. Got back doing small jobs here and there and i remember some1 "advised" me that if i lay low for 7 years then everything will become normal. Stupid of me didnot visit this web  earlier all these years led life like a ** u know. Hard to get a car loan , rent, credit u name it. 


So, now to present... as i said almost every card of mine went deliquient in fall of 2008 for sure. Yes i dont have old paperwork but i can remember the time i started to live without a card. The state i live has a sol on open account as 4 years. Although i moved out to a diff state last month, i was a resident of the debt origin state for the time sol of 4 years expired. Now ive an year to go before they all including CA are gonna expire,


i am kinda confused so wanna ask --- is it good to let the sleeping dogs lie till next summer or kick off my adventure  by disputing with CRAs, i just wanted to know this hopefully i didnt overlook some tiny risk factor or something,as i am really tired after these 6 long years and dont/cant wanna go through any of this again which ofcourse includes me being responsible with my personal economics.:)



All these years i have had calls from all these CAs but i never picked their calls, only but one and i paid him off and i see their entry in my CC as paid and closed. with balance 0. so they been good i kept changing houses thats y i had tons of addresses on my CR. Received standard letters a few from CAs abt the holiday/tax refund offers they got for the debts but never called them and no one sued either-- at least i know of...it wouldnt be like some1 did and default judgement was passed and i never knew of any would it be??



Now i look at my CR from TU and EXP and it says for most of TLs from OCs the removal or stop reporting date commences from fall of 14 to summer of 15. 


so i decided im gonna keep this journal thread for my story and once again would like to thank each one of you for your valuable time and kind helping heart.





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