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Is the debt collector legally authorized to collect debt in the State of Texas?

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I am pretty stoked right now and wanted to share and get your opinion on what I found today;


Is the debt collector legally authorized to collect debt in the State of Texas?

Residents of the State of Texas retain special consumer protections during the debt collection process. Once such unique protection not covered under Federal credit protection laws is the requirement that all third party debt collection agencies in Texas maintain active insurance via a surety bond.


How can I find out if the debt collector that has contacted me has an active surety bond in Texas?

The Texas Secratary of State maintains a Debt Collector Search that lists all debt collectors who have ever applied for a surety bond.

It also lists the date the surety bond was issued, the current status of the bond, the name of the surety company, and the surety bond number.

You can perform a search to determine if a debt collector has a surety bond by visiting the following link at the Secratary of State’s web site:


You can find a list of authorized surety companies by visiting this link:




The debt collection company that has contacted me does not have a surety bond, or their surety bond is no longer active. What do I do next?

If you have confirmed that the debt collector that has contacted you does not have an active surety bond, then they are illegally attempting to collect debt in Texas.

You can immediately take action to remove this listing from credit bureaus and cease future collection attempts for this debt.

:medusa: Portfolio Recovery Associates does in fact have a surety bond :medusa:





...but the bonding company is a non authorized company. :ROFLMAO2::yahoo:



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