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Applying for a home loan to force the issue

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Although I haven't been sued yet, I'm refreshing my memory about all of this because in a few months when most of my negative TL's fall off my reports I'm gonna do that thing where I apply for a home loan, even though I don't really want one, just to get the JDB's to come out from under their rocks.


(I do plan on buying a house sometime in 2016, which is why I'm taking care of all this now.)


From what I understand, the JDB's sometimes don't report and instead lie in wait for the CRA's to narc on me for applying for credit, especially if it's a home loan.  They know that a bank will pull my credit report several times while I'm waiting on the house sale to close and that any new negative TL that pops up will cause me to be denied for a loan right when I was most excited about buying a house.  Those bastards.


They think that will get them paid but instead I go all FlyingIFR on them and send an ITS with a copy of the complaint I'm gonna file in Federal, then I will follow through if they don't delete.


Any TL's they report will be out of SOL for both suing on and reporting on, but they sometimes act as if the date they bought the portfolio, or when they first added their TL, is the date to calculate the SOL for reporting from, and they also report as a Factoring Company Account instead of a collection account because FICO calculates Factors the same as an open credit account, which does a lot more damage to your credit score.


Back in the Art of Credit days we decided that JDB's don't really fit the definition of a Factoring company because the debt is already defaulted when they get it, but it's not like the courts or JDB's care what we think.


Whether or not I would actually win for them misrepresenting the character of the account as a Factor has never been decided in a court to my knowledge, but the point is they don't want to spend money fighting it, especially if they have no hope of recovering any money from me due to the SOL.  Additionally, they really don't want to have any case law on it if I do win.


This is all to force a settlement with them to where they delete and agree not to sell to another JDB and I agree to a non-disclosure agreement and they don't have to pay me any money for violations.  We both usually eat our own court costs.  That's what I've done in the past anyway.


I realize there are some ethical boundaries at play here, but other than that, do any of you pragmatically legally minded people see any potential flaws with this method?  I've been out of the loop for a few years.


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Last I'd heard, many years ago, TowerRat went back to the Ukraine where he was from.  That was one smart dude.  Do they not have internet in the Ukraine?


I still look over the AoC archives on InfinieCredit, where a lot of those folks went after AoC had that "RAID failure."   :blah: 

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