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Haven't used credit in about 9 years, but still there..


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Okay, so right after college I did have bad credit.  I learned how to survive without using credit at all.  That's been about 9 or 10 years.  However now, I assumed I would start building my credit since everything should have fallen off.  Boy was I wrong!  Credit card companies are still reporting and collection people are as well! 

Some of them may be credit cards I had 10 years ago, others I don't remember, but all have not been accessed whether mine or not in the past 7 years.  No payments made, no dialogue, nothing.  Many of them give fradulent dates on the report.


My question is do I question the fact that they are mine or question the fact that they should be taken off as they are too old.  My fear is if I question they aren't mine, they will simply stop after verifying that is was mine 12 years ago and not realize that it is past the 7 year mark.


What should my first step be?  I have intentionally not used my credit for close to the past decade, which has been difficult, but these guys are lying to still show up.  It's very frustrating.


Thanks for any help and advice!

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