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Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (HELP PLEASE)

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Hello i received this in the mail and i don't know what to say or does this even count as a verification. I need help please


Dear Abstruse:

Re: Verification Information Concerning PRA Account/Reference No.: xxxxxxx

SELLER: GE Capital Retail Bank


ORIGINAL CREDITOR: GE Capital Retail Bank.

The following information is being provided in response to your recent communication concerning the account referenced above. Account Number (xxxxxx) and its proceeds were sold, assigned and transferred by the Seller to Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC on 12/xx/2011. At the time of the sale, the Seller provided an electronic file of its business records concerning this account. According to the Seller's records, there was due and payable from Abstruse to the Seller in the sum of $306.66 with respect to the account, as of 12/xx/2011, there being no known un-credited payments, counterclaims, or offsets against this account at the date of its sale.

Here is a summary of additional information listed in the electronic file for this account:
Account holder's Name Provided By Seller: name
Account holder's Last 4 Digits of SSN: SSN
Date Account Opened Provided by Seller: 04/xx/2011
Balance at date of PRA purchase: $306.66
Interest accrued since the date of purchase or last payment to PRA: $0.00
Costs and Other Fees: $0.00
Total Balance: $306.66


Please contact us if you would like to receive a payment history of payments that have posted to this account since out company purchased this account.

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@ArtVandelay the following question


  • Show me that you are licensed to collect in my state; and
  • Provide me with your license numbers and Registered Agent.



They don't have to give that information as part of DV.  For the record they are licensed in FL and the information is publicly available from the Office of Financial Regulation:

 1 Records Found Name Name Type License Type License Number Address City County State Status PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES LLC Primary Consumer Collection Agency CCA0900382 120 CORPORATE BOULEVARD NORFOLK GREENE VA Approved


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@ArtVandelay Belk added their own interest in there that's not the original amount i owed. Would i need to send another mail to them stating that they did not verify what i originally asked them? Also they said i have until jan 29 2014 to respond. 

PRA met the minimal requirements in the FDCPA for verification/validation IMHO. There is no obvious need to send PRA another letter stating anything. I like to communicate when I have I plan. If communicating with them in a reply to their response (based on my plan) I would be sure to include a deadline for them. Their deadline is an artificial, made-up date. They use it because it works on alleged debtors not because a deadline has any teeth in any law AFAIK. I would return the favor of "setting a deadline" if I were to spend postage on a reply letter. YMMV


A DV letter is not a magical tool to prevent or precipitate a lawsuit from what I have experienced or read. Litigation is the tool I use enforce my rights. I go there reluctantly, when required to defend or I have an unreasonable party that refuses to mitigate the harm they have caused me.


Based on the reporting by JDBs to the FTC, I would expect that PRA paid about $15 for the digital data that they were sent on the alleged debt described here.


I would want to determine my goal or desired outcome whether it might be CR cleanup, avoid lawsuit at all costs, and/or other and then, based on my resources and abilities, create a plan of action to accomplish my goal.

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