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Foreclosure Not Showing on Credit Report


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My house was foreclosed on 3/2013.  The last thing that shows on my Credit Report is Over 120 Days Past Due dated 3/2012.  It is my thought that this item will fall off of my credit in about 5 years.


Would it be best for me to let a sleeping dog lay or work with the creditor to mark this as Foreclosed and risk the credit removal cycle to start again at 7 years?


I am hoping to buy another home in the future.


Thank you

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@morther - strange that it is not showing at foreclosure but maybe all the paperwork has not caught up to the CRA's.  I would not do anything at this point.  I would, however, start working on other areas of your credit if you have any negative items listed.  And, I would suggest starting to build up good credit.  I did hear somewhere that after two years, you can apply for an FHA loan if you have had a foreclosure.  That gives you time to start to build up a good payment history on other lines of credit.

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