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Being Sued by Cach LLC

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Hello all,


I am hoping to get some advice on how to handle this up coming court case in Magistrate court next week. I am being sued by Cach LLC. I did file my answer within the 30 days to the court denying that I owe Cache LLC 2284.39. When I was served all that was attached was a copy of a credit statement from Ashley Furniture/GE Capital. An Affidavit of Sale from a notary in the state of MN . I did have an Ashley Furniture card at one time, but closed the account in 2010 when I paid off what I owed. Last I ever heard of it. Until a magistrate officer should up at our door. I was pretty surprised! When I filed my answer the lady at the mag. court told me that they always have a local attorney represent them. The name of the attorney on the paper work is from Atlanta. I am in Columbia County, GA. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I don't owe this, but have nothing to bring to court. I tried calling GE capital and they were no help.




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