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Advice on AU on CR

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I was an AU on my DM's credit cards, she passed away in 2012 and since there wasn't any money left in the estate I let her credit cards go. Now chase has 2 of them on my CR as delinquent. It's $15,000 which of course is hurting my debt ratio. I filed a dispute with the CRA's but they are still there. I added a note that these are not my accts, but that doesn't help what it is doing to my scores.

I have read online that AU's are not supposed to hurt your CR but it is mine.

So my question is how the heck do I get these removed? I tried online with Chase but they told me the acct holder needed to call in to remove me, well I don't think she can make calls from heaven so I'm stuck

I had some terrible issues 6 years ago with re aged accts popping up and went from a 670 down to 538...all from disputing the aged items, my scores have just now recovered after all this time so I'm a little scared to mess with it too much ...they took 70 points away from me on those and didn't give any points back when they removed them, totally wrong but.....

Hopefully I can get these cards removed without doing any damage, if you have some good advice on this I would really appreciate it...

Thank you,

Cheril .

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Did you dispute by telling the CRAs that you were only an authorized user and then request that the accounts be removed?  This is from Experian:


Dear Experian,

Is an authorized user responsible for the debt? If an authorized user is removed from the credit card, can the credit card also be removed from the credit report? I also read somewhere that credit bureaus will not take into account authorized users for credit scores. Is that true?



Dear CHS,


An authorized user is not responsible for the debt. However, authorized user accounts will be listed on an Experian credit report as long as the account is current and positive.


Please understand that the credit reporting companies report the history, but do not have the role to “take into account” what is reported. Such decisions are up to the users of the reports.


Most users rely on one or more scoring models to help evaluate the history. Credit score developers determine whether their scoring systems will include authorized user accounts in the calculation. Some credit scoring systems include authorized user accounts in the calculation and others do not.

If you are concerned about the impact on your credit history, you should contact the creditors and ask to be removed from the account.


Unlike being a joint account holder when you share responsibility for the debt, creditors will typically remove you as an authorized user upon request because you have no responsibility for payment. Experian also will remove the account from your credit report at your request or if you are no longer reported as an authorized user.


Thanks for asking.


- The “Ask Experian” team




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