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One of the latest gimmicks that have popped up on the internet is sites that offer a free, public email address that really doesn't exist.  A user makes up a name like HereIamJustForFun@whateverYouWantToCallYourEmail.com (<---its phony...) and the remailer website will receive messages at the name for a few days.


Supposedly, the purpose is so that you can sign up for sites (like CiC) that ask you to validate who you are by responding to a "validation email"...without running the risk of giving your actual email address and then getting spammed.


Unfortunately, spammers use these sites to disguise their identities.  Once the spammer has validated, their identification disappears when the remailer stops accepting mail for that address.


CiC has decided NOT to validate users who sign up thru remailers.  We don't spam...we don't allow users who do.

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