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Dealing with Pressler


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Midland has a Judgment filed against me for $5900 which they were awarded in November.  Pressler is moving forward with Wage Garnishment even though they have made not attempts to collect the debt.  As I am waiting for my response on a Motion to Vacate, I called Pressler today to see if they would accept a lump sum payment to settle the Judgment and file a Vacation.  They told me that since they already filed the Wage Garnishment that they would not accept any offer other than the full amount and I only had 10 days to pay.  


He attempted to get me to talk about the specifics of the case that I have the Motion to Vacate filed on, but I told him flat out I wasn't talking about the case and was only calling to offer a settlement of $3800 to pay the debt in full with the judgment being vacated.  


He told me he would find out if they will accept this but that he doubted it.  I asked if he could let me know either way.  He said, if he doesn't call back that means they said no.  I asked what time frame i could expect this, he wouldnt say.  I asked if when he was going to ask about the settlement, he said today he would ask his manager. 


These are the worst people on earth....

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See my other post on your other thread....it's not only the underlings who lie, but the actual attorneys as well. I am a little confused by your post here though, as your other post indicated they were willing to settle. I'll just reiterate, to tread carefully and get any agreements in writing.

Yes I posted this one yesterday when I got off the phone with them, and this morning they called with the settlement offer of $4500.  I should have their letter tomorrow or Friday at the latest stating the terms of the agreement.  Like Spikey said in the other thread, unless they include that they will not sell the remaining balance, file a 1099-C, or take any further action on the settled debt, I will not agree to the settlement.  


Interesting thing from the other thread is they seem concerned about my recently filed Motion to Vacate and I believe it is the only reason the are willing to settle. I am curious how they are going to react to my response to their Wage Garnishment. 

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Because even though they have their attorneys of record, they have to sometimes hire rent-a-lawyers to fill in, as they can only be at one place, one time. Think about what this costs them. Lawyers often charge $300 per hour...if this is going to take them another 5 hours, they've essentially lost a third of their due, without a guarantee that they will recoup.

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