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Should I deal with the original creditor or the collection agency


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Three years ago I had dental surgery to remove my wisdom teeth, and paid my portion at the time of the procedure, as my insurance was supposedly covering most of it. Two years later I received both a bill from the dentist and the collection agency they had already sent it to, completely unbeknownst to me. Of course I called to try to figure out what the heck, and the informed my that my insurance did not cover as much as they had first estimated, and that I was now past due on the remainder of their fees. I do not have the funds to pay off the balance in full, and I do not want this negatively affecting my credit any more than it already has. Should I try to go through the dentist's office to arrange monthly payments, or do I need to deal directly with the collection agency now? If I start making payments to the dentist office, will the collection agency still keep trying to collect? This is the first time I've dealt with a collection agency, and I'd appreciate some advice!



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