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Is it an illegal pull?


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I am a newbie here and new in USA as well. So my credit score is limited. I am the authorised user on my wifes 3 credit cards, we have 2 joint accounts. Thats the background.


We went to a Honda motorcycle dealer yesterday and wanted to apply for a loan to buy the motorcycle. I gave my SSN, her SSN as she is going to be my co signer, my income is zero now. Then he came back and said he needs my SSN card which was at home, 200 miles away. So we said we dont have it right now and then we have to leave as they cannot process the application with out that. 


Well, I went in to see my experian credit score today and it was listed as a credit pull that other see there. That means a hard pull right? 


Now, is it legal for them to pull my credit score and say I need my SSN card with me? I mean I understand that , after pulling my credit score, they could say yes or no based on the credit score, but should not they have to request the SSN card before running the credit score check?


Thanks for your time guys.

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