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Spoke to a CA today..


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I apologize in advance I double posted. I wasn't sure if I should post this here or under Credit Repair.


I looked up my credit report on Credit Karma (credit score of 682) and found I have two open accounts in collections. I live in FL and the deliquencies were from 2009. One was $53 and the other for $503 for two different utilities companies. Both were supposedly passed on to the CA in 2010. I haven't heard a word from a CA in years regarding these past due bills. I didn't even know about it until I applied for a home loan. My first question is, is it weird that I haven't head anything from a CA since 2010? Shouldn't I have heard something since the SOL has, or is about, to expire?


After first talking to the CA they confirmed they had the open account on file and went right into trying to get me to pay. I asked if I could do a pay for delete over the phone. The phone rep said that wasn't possible and asked if I wanted to pay. I told her I was going to speak to the utilities company first. She said ok and quickly hung up the phone. I immediately called the utilities company and they had a hard time finding my information. Somehow they had the wrong Social Security # on file. They switched me over to another department where I told him the deliquency was an honest mistake after I moved I didn't get my bills forward to my new address. He asked me to hold so he could speak to their credit department. They fixed their mistake regarding my social security number and said that I could pay them direct. I said I do wish to pay them instead of the CA, but I wanted to make sure that they would call off the CA and the deliquency would be deleted from my CR. He said it would show up as paid on my CR and would fall off in 2017. I've read here that it is best to pay the the utilities company direct if possible and request the deletion from the CR. Am I going about this the right way or have I missed a step or two? How should I proceed?

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