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Being sued...HELP

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This sounds more like a witness list in response to a ccp 96 witness request. Does it say witness list under ccp 96? I don't think this is a response to the M&C letter it just happen to come after it. Did it mention ccp98 or your M&C letter at all?


that's what I was thinking.


@Scarytime can you attach the CC98 and the latest response here just edit any identifying information.?

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on the CCP 96, paragraph 16, there is the address of Anthony. that is the address that you will use to send the subpoena. if you do not serve the subpoena to Anthony to that address, then all his statements in the declaration become factual and all the statements and affidavits attached to 98 are then no longer hearsay.

the subpoena can be served within the last 20 days before trial. that's today.


you do not need to subpoena the rest of the employees on the ccp96 list but do be prepare with the question list in case anyone of them do show up, since they do provided names, positions, and addresses.

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Im sorry, I must have deleted them by error. but I am sure you'll be able to find them around here. look homelessincalifornia threat, I think that's were I found them.

what I do have right now is this court transcript. a civil case which may help you get an idea as to what to object during the examination questions.

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So I've been reading through a lot of documents and I'm confusing myself a little.


When do I have to file my objection to CCP98 and trial brief with the court? and with the plaintiff?


My case is in Norwalk, DEPT SEY.  I'm still waiting for the process server to get back to me regarding the subpoena

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Thank you.


Update:  I went to court early and the lawyer for AMEX came in and signed herself in and also the Custodian of Records that was on the CCP 98.  The court clerk asked the lawyer if she wanted to talk to me and settle so we ended up going outside to settle.  I was prepared to give my best fight but since this was the Original Creditor I knew it would be difficult so I ended up settling for a lump sum.


Thanks to all that helped me thorugh this journey.  I saw people there that were not prepared and had no clue as to what they could have done, admit to debt without question and knowing that I was blessed to have had the knowledge and help from here was a victory.


The lawyer recorded with the court the settlement amount and they have sent me the settlment letter for me to sign and return.

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