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Stipulation Agreement Default - Florida


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I'll start with a little background.


A law firm acquired an old cc debt in 2008 & sued me. To avoid legal action continuing I entered into a stipulation agreement with them. I was paying as agreed when in 2011 I was laid off. I was receiving unemployment until Dec 2012 when I exhausted benefits & EU tier 4 was eliminated in Fla because the unemployment rate had dropped enough. (Note: I was living with my Mom at the time so we were living on only her social security when this happened).


In late 2012, my mom was diagnosed with cancer so I was unable to continue looking for work so I could take care of her. Unfortunately, her condition had progressed to the point that in early Dec 2013 the Dr's said she had 6 mos or less to live. Two weeks after being told this, she died. (Peacefully, Thank God).


I now find myself in a complicated situation. She had no will, no savings...Nothing. I had already exhausted any funds I had (which wasn't much). I had been paying as agreed until about June 2013 but then the payments wound up being sporatic (usually every other month). The last pymt I made was Oct 2013. The assigned collector in the law ofc called in early Dec & I spoke to him. I explained the situation & told him I would send a pymt by the end of Dec but found myself unable to because she died & I had other things to do & I forgot it. Not that I had the money at that point anyway.


During that converstion I asked if there could be a temporary reduction in the amount due (agreement states $50/mo by the 30th of each mo). He said, NO, it couldn't be. That's when I promised pymt by end of month.


Today, I received a letter from law ofc containing a copy of stipulation agreement default filed in County Court (unsigned by Judge) that has breakdown of money still owed. Principal: $0.00 Atty Fees: $220 Interest: $291 (and some odd cents) Total owed: $511 (and some odd cents).


I have no money, still no job (bustin' butt to find one though) and have borrowed money to pay January bills. Currently trying to borrow for February bills. Luckily, the house is paid for (and not in my name anyway - another problem I have to deal with too).


Where do I stand on this and what should I do? 


I'm sorry this is so long but thought it best to "paint the whole pic" to make it easier for anyone that would be able to help me.


Thank You..... :pinkribbon:









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No help here ......... sorry.

Once you enter into a stipulated (court monitored) agreement ........ it's pretty tough to avoid.

Apparently you have no assets & no income. What are they going to take?

Ya can't squeeze blood from a stone.

Pay this off as soon as you can to avoid any added interest accrual.

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Thanks for responding...I intend to pay it asap. My concern is them watching my bank acct (not much there anyway, only $15) but in order to pay bills I would have to deposit money. Only other option is pre-paid card or free money orders from am-scot but then I'd have added expense of stamps to mail & even that gets expensive these days when you don't have much.

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