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Debt collector DEPOSITED money into my account..why?


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Last year, I had my bank account garnished by a debt collector for a debt they bought from Bank of America from a credit card I had with them. I tried negotiating with them to settle the debt but they simply wouldn't budge on anything. Eventually I discovered that in my state (Missouri) up to $400 of fund in your bank account is immune to garnishment, I sent the appropriate governement forms requesting the garnishment be lifted, and it eventually is.


More than a year has passed and I never heard from the debt collector. Last week I check my bank account to see a deposit posted for $103 that I had no knowledge of of. I naturally call the bank and they have their investigative department investigate it. Today I have received a letter from them saying they completed the investigation and I need to contact a specific phone number for any questions regarding the deposit. I call the number and I'm surprised (And annoyed) when the voice mail of that same debt collector picks up.


I plan to go to my bank on Monday to get some more info on the deposit itself but in the meantime I'm wondering just why the hell would the debt collector DEPOSIT money into my account? Is this some kind of cheap tactic or something? I asked my dad who's had plenty of experience here and he says the only thing he can think of is it could be a reimbursement for the $100 processing fee the bank charged me for being garnished. Would they be legally obligated to reimburse that? I'm afraid this is some kind of "gotcha" or something, that messing with that money in any way will open some kind of Pandora's box. Any ideas?

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