Collection looking at my report AFTER sending me a letter

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In March of 2013 I had received a letter from Midland MCM for an alleged debt. I in turn sent a certified debt validation letter to said company. A few days later I got a letter back from MCM stating that based on the information they would remove all MCM activity from all three major credit reporting agencies. Also they Never provided any debt validation. I looked at my report and they looked at my report in December of 2013 for "collection" reasons. I am wondering how they can still do that after the letter they sent me and also not giving me debt validation as well per the 30 days on my letter. I assumed after they stated they would no longer be reporting on my credit , why are they still hard hitting it?

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File a complaint with the CFPB for the non-permissible pull on your credit.  They probably did it because one hand doesn't know what the other is doing but a complaint should send them scurrying back under a rock.  


For what it is worth I found a non-permissible pull by LVNV on my EX report last year.  I disputed it with EX and it disappeared.  I got lucky though.

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