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insertion on CR without notification?


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Hi All!


I ordered my husband's 3-in-1 credit report back in November of last year and got to work on them.  Under EX, there was no listing for ABC collection company.  So I disputed some other listings with the CRA that were listed on there.  Those listings were removed.


The problem is, EX sent me a new credit report showing what was removed and what items had been updated.  Now, ABC collection company is listed on there.   And, they are reporting this, supposedly, since June 2013.  I find this odd since it didn't show up on the 3-in-1 in November 2013, and now it's showing up with a June date on just the EX report. 


I am not sure what my next course of action should be.  Should I redispute with the CRA or should I go against ABC collection company for this?  We were never notified in writing by this company that anything was going to be listed or that any monies were due.  I guess I am just trying to figure out what violations are here so that I know which route to best take on this.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone!!!



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