Does a "Charge Off" mean the OC sold it?

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I am formulating questions for Admissions.


In trying to determine how to formulate my questions, I pulled my credit report to ascertain if I am dealing with an OC or a JDB in this suit.


In the report, the OC account is labeled as a "Charge Off".


Further down the report, a local collection agency (B0nne*vlle) has taken charge of the account (which agency is the Named Plaintiff in my suit).  


Under the CA's data it includes the info: "Original Creditor: (Local Bank)".


Given this info, I cannot decipher if the OC sold it to the small, local CA?  Or if the CA is just handling the collections for the OC.  


(The CA has hired an out-of-house attorney.)




Also, if there's a link to guide me through writing Admissions, I would be grateful if anyone could point me to it.  Thank you!


(I'm in U.t.a.h.)

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