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fing tired of cra's in general

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reintroducing myself i guess .used to be brian2372 on here(couldent log in ,havent been on in years) ,but been here quite a while(at least 8 years mabey 10)  and now own a home great job pay all bills on time good credit between wife and me take home over 100,000 a year ,still have c.s. near 550 and fing tired of it ,have the book -great credit is sexy so dont say it . no matter what i do its wrong .have lines of credit blah,blah ,blah .somehow we have ended up in a black zone everything  we do is perfect with no lates and no collections. i am now at the spot that iam thinking about getting a laywer ,has any one else ever come to where i am at ?fico right now is 559 iam fing pissed and have the money to sue thinking about taking a H.E.L. TO FUND IT ..thinking about taking this one down the line .we need a bigger house and every time we try to get another loan they say wait 3 months well the 3 months have turned into many years ,were 50,000 above water now .BTW know a bunch of people- that walked away from homes and cars-as in repos and forclosures and now have stellar credit again .ovbliasly the rules dont apply equealy(sp)i guess iam just venting .our lending agent said no two people are alike and beleive me we tried more than one lending agent.

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Have you pulled your credit report, then disputed the entry's?

Definitely get your hard copy reports and go over them with a fine toothed comb.  From what you have said, the only 2 things I can think of that would cause your scores to be so low are incorrect reporting of derogs and/or utilization.

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