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Chexsystems dispute help!

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Here's a breakdown of my Chexsystems NSF dispute process so far, kinda stuck and still unsure as to what has to be provided as proof at this point. It seems like Chexsystems is playing games with me, but hey, they have been dealing with this kind of stuff longer than I have. Any suggestions on what my next steps should be? TIA!!



Mailed Chexsystems initial dispute letter Re: incorrect/innacurate reporting under my social security number (NSF account Wachovia Bank). Also requested for proof.



Received Chexsystems generic confirmation letter stating they have received my dispute letter and forwarding my file to the appropriate personnel for handling.


1/20/2014 (only 5 days??)

Received Chexsystems verification letter (No change to the reporting, added statement: Report disputed by consumer, and verified accurate by FI).



Mailed Procedural Request letter. Asking for proof and any documents of NSF activity bearing my signature.



Received same generic letter from Chexsystems stating they are forwarding my file to the appropriate personnel for handling. In addition it also states that "If the information is verified by the source to be accurate as reported Chexsystems will, in accordance with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, request that you provide us with a copy of a valid report filed with a law enforcement agency that clearly supports your claim. Once we have received the supporting documentation, we will be happy to review the situation further and will inform you of any actions taken as a result of documentation provided. Wondering at this point whats the purpose of having Chexsystems? I could have forwarded my own file to an appropriate personnel for handling!! Is forwarding a response  for me a valid response to a procedural request? Someone please say no  dntknw.gif



Received letter from Wells Fargo today regarding the possibility of being an identity theft victim and to contact them to discuss activity with the account. Should I respond? arent hey suppose to supply me with proof of their reporting since they verified the NSF as being accurate in the first place? I dont want them trapping me into acknowledging something.

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Send Wells a 623 letter and send Chex a MOV letter  - my guess is that you will most likely have to file suit to clear it off. 

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That identity fraud stuff is default language in their auto responses. When my lawyer drafted a letter on my behalf, after disputing notations three times...and having them all validated, amazingly the notations were quickly removed and the response letters were much more though a human may have actually read it and responded.    

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