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Just got off the phone with the scheduling clerk at the courthouse. I have a date for my Motion to Compel to be heard.


What's interesting is that the attys for CACH opened the case--hours before I got to the courthouse to file my motion--but have filed no paperwork, nor have they requested any hearing, etc.


The clerk was a little confused. Why would I want to schedule a hearing? It was gratifying, though, to have her say, at the end, "Sounds like you have it under control." Yeah. Because of good people who are willing to share their experience and knowledge!


The other good news? I can send my Proposed Order to the judge by email, instead of slogging into downtown in this brutal weather that won't go away. YAY for that!


I do have a question for anyone who is familiar with this particular wrinkle. I was sent discovery and rogs, a little over two weeks ago. I plan to send my answers to the rogs in order to avoid the "you didn't deny it, so you admit it" conundrum.


But I would much prefer not to get into Discovery, as it could trigger the argument that I've gone too far in the judicial process to now go to JAMS.


In addition to what I did when I sent the Motion to Compel to the other party, which was to argue that Discovery is best left for the determination of the JAMS arbitrator, does anyone have any suggestions?

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