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First - A Thank YOU - 2nd A Question!


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First I want to thank the people of this forum who helped me tremendously in the past. I really should have came and updated - but life got out of control here for a bit!


I closed a business in 2008 -- a=got into a slew of trouble with credit cards and if it not for this board......I am sure things would not have went as smoothly.


Here is a summary of what I had and where I am!


First Equity -- over 10K in debt --- sent validation letters to several different agencies - never validated from any -- now SOL!

Barclays -- 6K ---same as first equity now SOL!

Juniper Bank --2900 --- same as above!


Capital One A --- owed over 5K -- settled for $2500

Capital One B ---owed 3500 --settled for $1800


So out of 5 cards --- I only had to pay on 2. I am not proud of "skipping out on debt"....I work hard, I do not take handouts --- I just made some poor choices, that of which I will never happen again. For years I was stressed --- I was waiting for more law suits that never came....and honestly just felt sick from stress most of the time. But this board always gave me hope --- so THANK YOU! 




I have one more question....for one item that seems to have appeared out of no where that I could use one last bit of help with!


I got a letter from Faloni, which is a collections law firm who is collecting on behalf of another company that PURCHASED the debt from JCP&L (electric company). I never knew this debt even existed, I thought my landlord paid it, apparently not. It was for a commercial rental for my business, the debt is almost $1500K.


I just called JCP&L who were SO WONDERFUL in helping me and they told me my last payment to them was January 28, 2008 ---- 


Before I write the collection agency back ---- I just want to be sure --- do utilities go by the same SOL as credit cards? Does SOL apply to commercial establishments? The account is in my personal name but was for a business address --- and finally....so I use SOL right out of the gate and skip the validation thing.....or do I still do validation first?





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