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I dont know where to go from here


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Good morning everyone, 


I am new here and let me start by saying thank you for this site, I have used the template here to contact a collections company I saw on my credit report, they put in the date on 9/2007 this is when I turned 18 but its for a medical bill for 5/2007 I was a minor and my mother was tooke me to the hospital, I was given care and send home, I moved away when I turned 18 and I never even heard from them, but I was taken to collections and a judment was taken out on me!

I was under 18!! I was never even told about this my mother is the one who got the bill she was filing for bankrupcy and this went into it they never served me nothing...

fast forward to a month ago I saw it on my credit report for a home and I called NAR and talked to them the said I owe it and that there is nothing they could do the would not even tell me what it was for, I then send a letter to them to find out what it was even for when they annouced it was for a bill on 5/2007 I again told me that I was under 18 that that the bill was for 300 now somehow its for 1200 its been since 2007 is it not passed the statu of limitations for this? how could they give the credit beraou the wrong information??

I have no idea to to do now.

I do not want to pay and I want atleast the info on my report to be correct, is it legal for them to collect after this many years? is there anything i can do to fight this? to correct my credit or get this judment off my record?


any help would be so important my mortage person wants this fixed before my loan:( whats worse this been hurting my credit for years and I didnt even know.


Thank You


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