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Backward Questions regarding paid mortgage and removing disputes


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Sorry if these items are addressed elsewhere, but my searches turned up little.  Maybe I wasn't searching correctly.


First off, my wife paid off our house in September 2012 after she bought it in 2003.  (Don't worry, the rest of our credit is awful).  The bank that initially issued the mortgage reported the debt and the regular payments until they were bought out in 2007.  The new bank took over the mortgage and was bought out again.  Early in 2012, the last bank took over the mortgage and was the bank with which we ultimately satisfied the mortgage.  The only problem is, the last 2 banks never reported this debt existed, or that it was paid off.  Given my wife's credit score is abysmal, we'd really like this accomplishment to reflect positively on her credit report.  How do I address this issue?  Do I go to the bank or the CRAs?


Secondly, we are looking to have a new home built.  The lender I am working with has asked me to remove a dispute I have on a collection account.  First off, is this advised, and secondly, if so, how is this done?

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You do need to check ALL 3 credit reports (directly from the CRAs) to be sure the old mortgages aren't reported.  Not every creditor reports to all 3.


If they aren't on any of the 3, there probably isn't much you can do about it...it costs a creditor money to report, and you have no way to force them.


As for the current dispute...any way to get it resolved?  If its an OC, call them and work out a payment (DO NOT tell them why).  If a CA, how long has it been there?

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