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Partial Account #'s on Credit Reports


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I'm looking to get a home and my credit score is 671


I just got my credit reports from all 3 companies by mail


I don't owe too much


Comcast, a couple red light camera fines, and sprint


those are my collections


I want to send debt validation letters out but on my credit reports it has the info of the collector's company and address but the account # is only shown partially


should I call the CA and get my full account #?

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The first thing you need to do is dispute the entries with the credit reporting agencies, and see what happens.  The CRAs will then forward your dispute to the furnishers.  If they are verified with the CRAs by the furnishers, then send dispute letters (not validation letter) to the furnishers.  They should be able to figure out the account number by your name and the partial account numbers that are provided on your CR.

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