What if I already paid a CA..just want the negative off?

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Hi guys! My credit repair journey is going GREAT! However, the only things that came back verified so far are 2 old accounts that were paid years ago. One is through a collection agency when I was evicted. And one is from West Asset Management. An old Sprint account. They both say Paid As Agreed. I want them to come off. 


Do I just keep trying different reasons even though they say "Paid as agreed" or do I do a different method? I read about the 623 method and my boyfriend told me that a friend of his worked for the collection agencies. He said that if you send a dispute letter, being that it's already paid, they will probably just ignore the letter and you can have it removed from the credit report. But I thought collection agencies weren't required to respond to the letters. So would that work with the Original Creditor? 


What do you guys think?

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If they were paid years ago the affect they are having on your report if any is minimal.  They are not required to delete the TL because you want it gone they are only required to report it accurately.  You can try a goodwill delete letter to the OCs but the reality is they can legally report the trade line until the end of the 7 year reporting period.

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How long ago was "years ago"?  


If the original creditor (OC) is still reporting, what date does that OC report as the date of first delinquency (DOFD)?   If it's less that 7.5 years ago, then the entries can still be on your CR as long as they're accurate.


If you dispute with the credit reporting agencies (CRAs), the CRAs forward your dispute to the furnishers of the entries.  Those furnishers are required to respond to the CRAs.  It's only if they don't respond to the CRAs or don't correct inaccurate information that the entries will be deleted.

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@Clydesmom   @BV80


Ok, thanks guys! I was just thinking I wanted to remove as many negatives as I can. Such a tedious process. If it doesn't effect my credit as much, then I should be fine. So far, the things that are unpaid are getting deleted pretty easily. Salllie mae and verizon are going to be my biggest feats. 


It's not past the SOL for them though yet (the accounts i asked about), so they  must stay for now.

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