About to send disputes to credit bureaus, 2 quick questions

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i filled out the forms that came with the 3 credit reports for disputing information


do i need to send letters with that too or just the forms?


also, i can't find a social security card and all utility bills are in my gf name?


what can I send along with my DL?





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First off, don't use a form. Write a letter. Don't make it easy on the reporting bureaus. A form won't specifically tell them what you are disputing this time. You don't need a copy of your social security card. You need your social security number to be in the letter. You need a copy of your DL which I see you already mentioned and a utility bill or something to that effect. You don't get anything sent to you that you could attempt to use? Like insurance statements? You have no bills? You owe no one money from your current address?


A passport won't suffice. You already attached your DL. You are showing your residency with the bill.

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