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I am in need of some serious help.

I have never checked my credit report in my entire life until two days ago when a collection agency called me and informed me that i had student loans in my name. *this is sadly a case of family fraud but i did attend school so I'm dealing with that, it only prompted me to check my credit report to see what else may have happened. I did credit karma (transition) and to be safe got the experian report as well.

I am going through all this information still as it has been pretty overwhelming but have noticed a few pretty serious concerns already.  


First big issue: on the experian report under my personal information it says 


"also known as" and it is not my name, possible typo on someone end at the original creditor or during the transfer of information

I have an account in collections with the improper name on my report. EOS CCA filed collection account for AT&T mobility for $900

You have to have the correct information to even have an account started in your name so Im not sure what to do.




Multiple accounts in collections that are not mine:

AFNI is reporting $297 for SPRINT as well as

TRIDENT ASSET MANAGEMENT and NATIONAL RECOVERY reporting columbia house dvd $58 for different dates one in 2009 the other in 2010 and i have never had a columbia house dvd membership of any kind.

I have two different agencies SW CRDT SYS and STELLAR REC reporting COMCAST debts for three different amounts and three different dates for consecutive months in a row. but each time that i have used the company i have closed out the accounts and paid them off to a 0 balance.

SWIFT FNDS reporting a golds gym membership from 2009 for $202.


third: FBCS is reporting EMCARE CENTER EMERGENCY PHYS $528 and I cannot find this company anywhere on the internet to get information to even have an idea of what this might be,  ALLIED COLLECTION has two different accounts in collections for RADIOLOGY ASSOCIATES with multiple amounts: one has an original balance of $68 then current balance of $72 opened 10/25/10, the other report is an amount of $40 opened 4/1/2009 on top of that RADIOLOGY ASSOCIATES with the listed address on the report is no longer in business.

I have no idea where or what these could be; does anyone else know?


Lastly: AARGON AGNCY reporting $12,870 on behalf of RMI Management LLC. the original date opened is not provided but it does have the "last updated" date as 11/1/2008. I don't even know what to say about this one. Is this past the SOL since it is from 2008? Also, I believe that these would be racked up fees of some kind because I definitely did not borrow or get $12,870 worth of goods or services in any way shape or form.



To make matters worse, when I asked the woman that called about the student loans where all the documents and notices had been sent as i have never one time received anything about these debts she told me that it was all being sent to an address in california that i have not lived at since 2004/2005. i have been constantly moving from one place to another and only now when i finally settled down and moved in with my fiancé do i have an actually address. I am really freaking out because we are about to get married and this bomb just exploded a few days ago. 


Clearly, I really need some freaking help. I do not know what to do at all and all of this is new to me and I just don't know where to start. I have been doing a ton of reading to become a little more knowledgable about credit and this whole process the past few days but I am just overwhelmed and do not know where to start. I was going to dispute the accounts that are obviously not mine as well as the ones that are out of business and the other ATT that is not in my name. 





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I have never checked my credit report in my entire life until two days ago when a collection agency called me and informed me that i had student loans in my name. *this is sadly a case of family fraud but i did attend school so I'm dealing with that


There is only one solution to the majority of this and that is you have to file a FACTA and Police Report for identity theft.  The reason all these accounts are on your report that you know are not yours is because the family member that used your ID to get student loans also did so for cell phone accounts, medical care, cable, gym, CDs and every other amenity that makes life more pleasant all at your expense.  


DO NOT fall for the trap of excuses designed to discourage you from pursuing this and protecting yourself like:


  • it will cause family distress if I do anything
  • they didn't mean to
  • they are going to pay me back
  • they will take care of it


While your family may be upset that is their problem.  Yes, this family member could have legal problems but if you do not do what you need to do to protect yourself they will simply continue to do this to you or someone else.  They DID mean to do this.  ID theft is not done by accident.  You will never see a dime from the deadbeat family member.  If they had money and the ability to manage it they would not have stolen your ID.  There is no circumstance under which they will contact any of these creditors and tell them what they did and that they are responsible.


Once you file the FACTA and Police Reports you can send a written dispute to the CRAs and the creditors of the accounts that are not yours with copies of those reports and start removing these accounts from your CR.  

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It is a sad day when a family member does that to you. life from now on will be awkward in regards to your family member no matter what, so filing the report protects you and the rest of the family. This person did not care about you so why should you not prosecute them as if they were a complete stranger. Just saying file the facta and police report quick, as in tomorrow at the latest, because this could effect future opportunities for you in the future.

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EOS and Afni will sometimes back off after a well worded BBB complaint. That's how I removed them from my wife's credit report. Send a debt validation (DV) letter to start. You stated that you just found out about some of these collections so send a DV. Send them CMRR so you have proof they received them.


After you get a reply or non-response, do the BBB complaint. You can dispute the trade lines with the CRAs as well.


If you are indeed the victim of identity theft, file a police report, etc. 

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Your mom didn't care enough about you to stop herself from defrauding many organizations, using your name. Do you want, by your inaction, to be the one who allows her to do it to others?


Your biggest responsibility RIGHT NOW is to yourself and your fiancé. If you are planning to have kids, you will have that, as well.


Your mom may have whatever issues she has. But one of them is NOT needing her daughter to clean up her financial messes. For the good of you, your future, and the future of others you love, get this mess taken care of by the proper authorities.


I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I'm a mom of adults, too, and, while I have gotten myself into some financial pickles, they have always been mine to deal with, not my kids', not even my husband's. If that's not one of your mom's core beliefs, then, at least, let it become one of yours: one's financial errors are to be cleaned up by oneself. My errors belong to ME. And no one else's belong to me.

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@CatJeanG312, you can fix this. I agree with the other posters that you need to file a police report and advise the credit bureaus that you have been a victim of identity theft. They will put fraud alerts on your credit profile to protect you from further fraudulent conduct. The "good" news is many of the items you've noted are relatively small and appear to be in the 5 plus year category. This is a time frame where the credit bureaus start to become less rigid on disputes and I think you'll be successful removing them. 


There are some great free letters available on the homepage of this website. You'll have to edit them to your situation, and send in copies of the police report and your personal ID info the credit bureaus to remove the improper reporting. You will also be sending what are called "debt validation" letters to each of the collection agencies. They will either show you info on why they think you owe these debts, or will remove it from the credit bureau reports. You can find examples of the debt validation letter on the sample letter section, too.


Please read some of the pinned topics on this message board under Collections, Credit Repair, and there are good resources under the Identity Theft section, too. This is a lousy thing, but it is a repairable situation. You'll put this issue behind you, and there are great people here to assist you.

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