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Case closed (for JAMS) vs case dismissed Colorado

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Last year, we compelled arb in JAMS. The judge MTC'ed arb and closed the case which can be reopened with the filing of the award or filing of a new Motion.


There are a settlement in JAMS with judgment award (DH was tired of fighting and is collection-proof). JAMS order granting settlement was signed almost 6 months ago.


Since then, nothing has happened. After a big clobbering, the heavy-weight DC law firm bowed out with the settlement and said they would hand our file back to the OC.


(It seems that the account is with another CA now. They have called a few times and sent DV letters but that's about it. We've decided to lie low and not even DV).


My question is, will the court automatically dismiss the case since it's not been more than a year since the case has been closed with no further motions have been filed?


Also, I know this varies by Circuit, but in CO, is the time limit for awards to be filed limited to 1 year after it's signed by the arbitrator? Or is it one of the states that have decided that awards may be filed within 1 year?


From my research, CO does not appear to have decided on this issue.

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