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Medical debt summons.. But out of state..

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Good day all,


I'm being sued for back medical debt (under 1000 dollars).. But I and my wife are out of state under contract and I'd like to get this settled before court which is the end of this month.. I called the hospital's (Children's medical center of Neenah WI) they referred me to Med-Health Financial Services, Inc. (The Financial Service subsidiary of Children’s Hospital) who told me they no longer have claim to the debt and talk to the Attorney representing the case (Bruck Law Offices, S.C.).. Can this be reduced beforehand with deletion? Looking for the best options without a trail..


Thanks much everyone..







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Is it definitely listed on your credit report? and if so, what entity is listing it?  What state are you in now?


NONE of this matters because the OP is being sued.  


Can this be reduced beforehand with deletion? Looking for the best options without a trail..


Did you use insurance when your child received the care?  If this is your out of pocket portion after insurance they cannot reduce the amount as it is illegal rebating and violates the contract with your insurance carrier.  


Even if you were not insured they are unlikely to reduce the balance now that they have filed suit when they can get the entire amount plus costs and attorney fees in a judgment that can be enforced for 10 years along with post judgment interest of 12%.


You can contact the attorney's office and see if they will take payments but short of paying it off I would not hold out much hope that they settle for less.  As for the deletion that is their option and all you can do is ask.  Some creditors take a hard line approach to not deleting no matter what you offer.  The worst that will happen is they say no.

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