Objecting to inital disclosures?

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Can anyone help me with objecting to plaintiff's initial disclosures?  Specifically, the form of the document, basically is it just a doc titled response to plaintiffs initial disclosures, followed by my, objection(s) to their request. 


Also, they attached billing statements and a B.O.S. Should I be objecting to these as well basically challenging their admissibility as evidence? How would I phrase the objection?

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I don't know MN court rules, but generally initial disclosures are just them telling you what they will be trying to introduce at trial.  There is nothing to object to yet because they have not tried to actually admit it.  They are just letting you know what they have.  The time to object would be MSJ, then Motion in Limine (usually 30 days before trial) and then at trial if the MIL is denied.


Of course, this is based on my knowledge of AZ and federal rules.  If whatever court you're in has a different procedure, and the only way to know this is to read your rules, then disregard what I explained above.

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