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Filing Taxes


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There's a lot of interest and articles about tax preparation software firms concerning the lobbying against allowing to file free tax returns.  TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxAct,,,etc.  It always amazes me about how corrupt corporate America can get.  It's such a simple free process to file your taxes.  

Step 1 - Go to the IRS sponsered site and enter your data.
        The IRS already has your information Name, Age, SS#, Address, City/State, Zip and Telephone Nr.
        Print off 3 copies of your return, 1 signed for Federal filing, 1 for State copy if needed, 1 for your records and copying (at some time you will need a copy for various reasons).
         Send your Federal return via mail with enough postage and make sure you sign, and enter your bank routing number and account number for direct deposit or attach a check with your SS# and year of return.

Step 2 - Go to your state sponsered site and enter your data.

        The state already has your information as the Federal.
         Print off 2 copies 1 signed for filing, 1 for your records.
        Send your State return via mail with enough postage and make sure you sign, and enter your bank routing number and account number for direct deposit or attach a check with your SS# and year of return.

Step 3 - Wait 2 weeks
        Go to the Where's my refund for both state and federal to verify that they received your return.
Step 4 - Wait 2 more weeks
        Go to the Where's my refund to see status of the return.

Step 5 - Monitor your refund status until your return is finalized and wait 7 working days for your refund to be deposited.


        1.  You have a hard copy that you can make copies of when needed (mortgages, some banks, government agencies, courts, next year's taxes,,,etc).
        2.  You have a copy to attach all your tax forms to and have a hard copy record of your return.
        3.    You haven't given your vital information to yet another web site that will mine your data and use or sell it to others.
        4.  You have just saved yourself well over $100.
        5.  You only have to wait approx 3-4 weeks longer for your refund.  If you need the refund more rapidly than that then your have other problems.

Bada Boom, Bob's your uncle

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Agreed...but...my taxes are always a little wonky.   I use TurboTax because it guides me thru the process.


Granted use TurboTax as needed, I guess I should have clairified my post and addressed it to 90% of the taxpayers that can and should use the free sites offered by the Fed and states.  The articles were referring to the offers of free filing and ultimately how it would affect the software producers' bottom line.  It's a lucrative market when you pay upwards of $29 to file, some are less but still why pay for something that you can do for free.  I actually had clients that would bring their receipts and forms in a paper sack.  I  would look over their stuff and determine that they didn't make any of the thresholds for itemizing, i.e. medical, miscellaneous or deductible amounts that would reach the  allowed standard deduction for a single or married couple.  Back when consumer interest was deductible I had a few that asked if it was in their interest to acquire more debt so they had a larger deduction and a larger refund.   My goal now is to have the lowest amount deductible and take the standard to maximize my refund.  I also try to adjust my income so I'm paying legally on less taxable income.


I love your idea. But I'm self employed, so I need to do the income VS outgo dance. It lowers our taxes, so it's all good.


There are a number of sites that will file your taxes for free, as well, so long as you have a simple return.


My other point because I'm a believer in remaining off the gird, I want to avoid giving out too much information that can and will be used to control my mailbox and web surfing.  Netflix/Hulu know my entertainment choices, Amazon knows my basic online buying habits so I don't need someone else to analyze my income and outgo to gear their marketing and make my shopping selections based upon my location and income level.  Let them guess!  I choose to stay with the Fed/State sites since they already have my vital information and are watching me anyway.  I used the opted out site of the CRA's to reduce my advertisements.  I never give to charity or donate to mailed solicitations (the only one who gets my money is the Santa outside Walmart ringing his bell) and I get enjoyment by sending back all the pre-paid envelopes with an enclosed 'Have a happy day' picture thereby keeping the US Postal service busy.

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