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ok new twist on case

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Kramer and frank filed the motion for relief in Johnson county, I live in Labette county and they filed it on the same date and time as the trial here in Labette county. can they do that? I want to stop the motion, I sent a response and objection to the labette county court house but Kramer and frank sent me a letter yesterday saying the hearing was in Johnson county. what do I do? send the objection to Johnson county?

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It is hard to advise you of anything when we have no idea what has happened prior to your post. Is this an ongoing case? Is it a new lawsuit on top of an old one still being litigated? How far into the lawsuit are you?

There are questions posted at the top you can cut and paste in here, then answer so we can help you better.

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From the small amount of info in your other thread I take it this is the student loan case you are referring to?

Did you not get a ruling on your motion to dismiss? What were the grounds of that motion?

Is the labette co suit the proper venue for your case?

Yes you need to oppose the motion with the court it was filed in. I am still confused, was the amended complaint granted! Then they filed in Johnson county?

You would need to file a motion to either dismiss, or transfer to your county if it was, for improper venue. You don't want to give the new court juristriction over your case.

Sounds like they are trying really hard to confuse the issue and get a default against you. Even with any violations, for 57,000 they could still come out on top.

I would find an attorney ASAP if you can, but answer that motion in Johnson co. At any rate.

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