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A "possible" lawsuit that has nothing to do with credit cards/repos/mortgages ect...


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OK here is the background...


Back in 2008 here in Denver I as well as a number of other guys here had did a photo shoot for a website.  At  the time of the shoot I was told by the photographer that I am free to use the photos in any way I like such as posting them on Facebook if I so desire. The contact that I and the other guys had signed had stated just that and yes I still have that contract. and looking at it it says nothing about in the event the photos would be sold to another party.


Now here it is 2014 and now I as well as many other guys here in Colorado are getting emails from some lawyer in Toronto saying that if I and the others will continue to use the photos online without their permission then they will sue over copyrights unless one pays them $1000 per photo for the ok. In my case the lawyer had seen two of my photos posted on a website under my name and even though I have since taken down those photos I am still getting the emails.  Apparently the photographer who shot the photos had sold them to a company out of Canada and of course we had no knowledge of this so called sale. Oh the lawyer from Toronto had also warned us that if we would bad mouth the company who now owns the pics in any way online then we could be sued for slander.


OK the lawyer is in Canada and we are in Denver, Colorado.  Should we even be concerned about this ??  I and the others asked around about this but it was split between "do not even bother"  to "..you damn well better be concerned".

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