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Removing debts from credit report 1099-C?

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I am working on my credit. I pulled my credit report


I had a personal loan 5 years ago from a bank (santa barbara bank trust). Lost my job and couldn't pay


This bank then turned it over to a collection attorney's office. Nothing ever happened out of it. They never contacted me or anything


The bank was bought out by another bank  ( union bank)


union bank then submits a 1099-c to the irs, which i paid the taxes on in 2013


Credit report shows 3 negs


2 from santa barbara

1 from the collection attorney


Being that i paid the taxes on the 1099-c, how would i go upon removing the 3 negs listed above?

I have a letter that will be submitted to all 3 cb's, i will attach a copy of each credit report with the 3 negs highlighted. 

I will send proof that i paid taxes on the loan via 1099-c



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Paying the taxes does not make the debt go away. You still owe it. They can still try to collect. They can still report it.


This.  The 1099-c has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they can report the debt.  The full 7 year reporting period remains at their disposal if they choose to use it.

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Just do a straight dispute.  If the bank is closed, they shouldn't be able to respond to it.  

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