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AT&T wireless account in collections, yet account is still active


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I'll make this short as I can...


In 2009, I signed up with AT&T wireless, and was pleased with the service; never paid late, normally paid early.

In late 2010, AT&T locally switched from 3G to 4g, and service went from awesome to horrible, literally overnight.

Constantly dropping calls, about 1/2 of the calls of people calling me went straight to voicemail.

I called AT&T, and they said they had an issue with one of the 2 towers locally, and they were working on it.

By mid 2011, service was still horrid, but, AT&T assured me that they were replacing the tower, and things would be better after that.

My contract came up for renewal, so with AT&T saying they were going to fix it, I renewed my 2yr contract.

By the end of 2011, they did physically replace an entire tower, but, service never changed.  One day, while trying to contact my wife during an emergency, I was never able to contact her; straight to voicemail like it had been for over a year.

That evening, I went to a competitor, ported our numbers over, called AT&T and told them it was over.  I was done paying for service I was no longer receiving.  They came back at me with the canned response of "We can't guarantee coverage in all areas".  I explained to them that before they switched to 4g, I WAS receiving excellent coverage, and they had failed to live up to their end of our contract, especially after admitting they had a problem, and had never fixed it for well over a year.  On a side note, I've talked to numerous friends who are still with AT&T locally, and to this day, AT&T is still having horrible problems in our area.


Months later, I receive a bill from them for early termination fees to the tune of $474.56.  I call, tell them I don't owe them this amount since they were the ones that refused to provide me with reliable service.


They sold my account to a collection agency in Colorado.  I provided them with the same letter I had sent to AT&T's collection agency, stating that I did not owe that amount due to AT&T failing to live up to their end of the contract.


That collection agency then sold my account to yet another collection agency, and I'm having to send THEM the same letter now.  I'm nearly sure my account will be sold off again, only to start another round of calls from a new collection agency.  As of yet, nothing has been put on my credit for this...


Here's the kicker.  I've tried to call AT&T on this, but, they keep telling me the account is closed and I have to deal with the collection agency.  BUT, I get an email every month from AT&T, telling me my account has been disconnected due to a past due bill of $474.56.  I can even still log into my account and see the bill they keep sending me.


How the heck do I get this resolved?  Out of principle, I don't feel I owe AT&T the early termination fees.  But I'm getting really tired of having to deal with collection agency calls at all times of the day (the current collection agent called me after 8pm the other evening; wasn't very happy about that...)

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You are being Mr. Nice Guy. What you need to do is send a letter stating that you refuse to pay the debt and that they are to stop contacting you. Send it CMRRR and send it as soon as you get the first call/letter. Either they will sue you in which you will bring this up in court (assuming the JDB can even prove they own the debt) or they will violate the FDCPA and you can sue them in Federal Court getting your name put onto Webrecon.

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