being sued by JDB Portfolio Recovery, help!

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Update & Questions:

I answered on-time, did not use the SOL because I was unsure and just decided to keep it simple.  I'm so stressed out and it was making me feel sick.


Got a BOP back from Hunt & Henriques last week, it was pretty vague but it does have an account number on it.  Basically it shows the charge-off date and amount. 

At this point I just want to know what I should do next?  The really strange thing is Sacramento Court website has not updated the case info. on their site and the response was filed on May 30.  The last thing they show is Proof of Service of Summons & Complaint to me by the Plaintiff.  I haven't received anything in the mail from the court, either.  I'll try and give them a call and see what's up.

*** just called, looks like they're working on May 20th so that's why it's not updated yet.


They are about a month behind in processing answers. I filed my answer on 5/14/14 and it was just processed this past Thursday. They update the website only once a week on Fridays around 5:00 pm. Once your answer is processed it will appear online that day. Make sure you subscribe to your case to get automatic updates.  

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